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Robert Vito

The career of investigative reporter Robert Vito has spanned  over four decades.

In 2010, Robert hosted the documentary on  'Old School' professional wrestler, The Sheik.  It is in this program that Vito tells the story of who is known as 'Wrestling's Greatest Villain'.

In 2009, Robert hosted the documentary of 'The World's Floating Zip Code, 48222, The J. W. Westcott Company'.  This program aired on PBS and was given Broadcast's 'Telly' Award.

1995 - 1999
CNN Correspondent Miami, Florida Cable News Network
Stories included the shooting down of civilian aircraft off the coast of Havana, Cuba and the murder of Fashion designer Gianni Versace.

1989 - 1995
CNN Correspondent Los Angeles, CA Cable News Network
Reports included the Rodney King beating, the Los Angeles Riot that followed, The Branch Davadian stand-off in Waco, Texas, the terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City, The O. J. Simpson criminal trial and the Mc Martin School case.

1988 - 1989
CNN Correspondent/Bureau Chief Cable News Network Rome, Italy
Stories included the Italian Government's war against organized Crime, events preceding the break-up of The Soviet Union and threats of war in Yugoslavia.

1982 - 1988
CNN Correspondent/Bureau Chief Cable News Network Detroit, MI
Investigative reports included series on Industrial Pollution that resulted in Congressional hearing on Capital Hill.
           Produced a twelve part documentary on how the Detroit auto industry dealt with 
           how cars were produced and the amount of quality control that the industry
           needed to take back the auto market.  The program, ' Detroit Fights Back', was 
           hosted by Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter, Peter Arnett.

Interviewed Former Teamsters Boss Jimmy Hoffa. It was his last ever Media interview, broadcast two weeks before his disappearance. Report dealt with allegations that Hoffa was involved in a car bombing to intimidate a Union foe.
Investigative series that linked early childhood irradiation to thyroid cancer in adults.

WISN-TV Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Investigative reports led to construction of Highway median barriers on Milwaukee County freeways. Investigative reports brought
Sickle Cell Anemia to the attention of the American Public.


WAEO-TV Rhinelander, Wisconsin

General Assignment Reporter

*** AWARDS ***
Milwaukee Press Club Award
Distinguished Achievement in Broadcasting
Previous winners include Walter Cronkite, Ted Turner and CBS's " 60 Minutes ".

National Academy of Arts and Science EMMY
The Oklahoma City Bombing

Cable ACE Award
The Los Angeles Earthquake

Cable ACE Award
The Stand-off in Waco, Texas

Columbus, Ohio International Film Festival Award, " The Chris "
For series relating to the Automotive Industry entitled, 'The 100 Year War '.

Best Investigative Series Award---International Film & Television
Festival of New York
' Cancer Fish Investigation '
Emmy Award Detroit, MI
Best Investigative Series, ' Children of The Cass Corridor '.

Associated Press Detroit, MI
Reporter of The Year


Investigation of cancerous fish in American waters resulted in Congressional investigation that led to increased enforcement of laws, reducing the problem.

Newsweek Magazine article gives recognition to Investigative series on Thyroid Cancer.

American Automotive Association of Wisconsin recognized investigative series about fatal head-on collisions for construction of concrete median barriers on the Nation's highways had begun.

Robert and wife Nancy

In between interviewing President of The J. W. Westcott Company, Jim Hogan and Host Robert Vito enjoy the scenery of The Detroit River and its scenery.

Robert Vito on location at The J. W. Westcott Company.  The program he hosted, 'The J. W. Westcott Story - Serving the Great Lakes Waterways and The World - 48222' has been awarded Broadcast's ' Telly ' Award and been Broadcast on PBS.  The DVD of the program, with various extras is available at WWW.INSENT.NET

Robert Vito with Producer Mark Nowotarski while working on the documentary, 'The Sheik - Wrestling's Greatest Villain'.  Two DVD disc set available at WWW.INSENT.NET

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